Meghan Markle appeared on the cover of “Cut” magazine

“Cut” magazine featured Meghan Markle on its cover, and the publication’s editorial featuring her stunning images was also very well received.

The model, who used to be an actress and a duchess, recently appeared for fresh photographs while wearing couture pieces that exuded elegance, and word of the new images spread like wildfire throughout social networks.

Archetype is the name of the podcast that Meghan Markle has recently established independently. This podcast will feature interviews with a wide range of historians as well as other specialists in order to investigate the roots of the stereotypes and labels that inhibit women’s advancement.

In the first episode, Markle played host to Serena Williams, who is widely regarded as the greatest tennis player of all time. It would appear that Meghan’s endeavor was fruitful, since she currently occupies the number one slot on the Spotify charts.

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