Megan Fox shows off her perfect legs, Machine Gun Kelly with pink nails and hair – housed a kitten while looking for a location for the wedding

While trying to find the perfect location for the wedding, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox adopted a kitten. Meanwhile, the musician boasted of a new pink hair color, and the actress showed off her perfect legs and body in an outfit of a similar shade.


Megan Fox showed off her perfect body with an outfit that looks great on her. The 35-year-old actress was spotted in Los Angeles in a pastel-colored dress-jacket.


She complemented the combination with a belt and a miniature bag, as well as sandals.



Although we have been used to seeing her with her fiancé lately, this time Machine Gun Kelly did not keep her company.


The engaged couple is recently preparing for a wedding, but they have not yet revealed whether they have chosen a date. Machine gunner Gan Kelly, on the other hand, shared that the organization was not going according to plan, mostly because they could not find the perfect location.

“It is difficult for us to find a location. “I want to find a place that matches my artistic vision,” the musician revealed on the James Corden show, noting that he wanted a “Gothic” wedding.


Meanwhile, Megan Fox and her fiancé discovered that they had adopted a kitten. Machine Gun Kelly also shared some photos with the new pet.



Earlier, the musician boasted about his new hair color. Recognizable for him, 31-year-old Kelly dyed his hair pink, and shared photos in which his nails were varnished with a similar shade.




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