Meet New LPD Public Relations Officer Erica Thomas

LINCOLN, Nebraska (Nebraska) – Friday was the first day of work for Erica Thomas, a new public affairs officer for the Lincoln Police Department. She is the first civilian to receive this job.

She said her priorities in representing the LPD are to make information more understandable to the public and promote transparency.

Thomas is no stranger to working in front of the camera. She previously worked in radio and television for the past 20 years.

Now she will answer questions, not ask them.

“When I came across this job, you know, I think what really struck me was that I could be part of a community, be able to connect with people, be able to tell stories,” Thomas said. the work of officers who protect our community, I have great respect for law enforcement.”

Thomas and her family moved to Lincoln a week ago, she said the new position brings them closer to home.

Thomas spent 20 years in the news industry before becoming the first civilian to become LPD’s Director of Maintenance (Erika Thomas).

“My husband was born and raised in Nebraska and is a big fan of the Huskers, I got into it when I met him in 2010,” Thomas said. “So it will be great to be close to the university and be able to attend football games, basketball games and other sports.”

For the past six years, Thomas has been an evening news anchor in northwest Arkansas. She said that going from holding the microphone to standing in front of it would be a change of pace.

“I have been on the other side of things for a long time to be able to work with the department and learn about all of these aspects so that I understand what can be posted there and post that information as quickly as possible with what we can share. but also does not affect the investigation, so that these cases can be correctly passed through the justice system and the judiciary, without being influenced by information that was released when it should not have been,” Johnson said.

She believes that the skills learned in journalism will be useful to her in this new role.

“I think this will be a turning point in my career, but I will be able to use, you know, the skills that I have acquired as a journalist and be able to put them to good use,” Johnson said.

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