Matthew McConaughey opens up about his private life

Matthew McConaughey reveals in his book how he was abused and how he was blackmailed into sexual relations. He does not consider himself a victim because he had the support of his loved ones.

Matthew McConaughey admitted that he was 15 years old “blackmailed for sex”and that he is grateful to his father for the conversation, where he understood what is a healthy sexual relationship and what is not, and that he realized that what was happening to him was wrong.

The Hollywood actor revealed some surprising details about his past in a recent interview.

The film handsome for whom everyone sighs, wrote in his memoirs “Green Lights” about the drugs and sexual abuse he experienced as a teenager.

Matthew tells how his parents taught him in such situations to be full of respect and what it means to accept.

“My father told me – If you feel now that the girl is changing her mind, stop. He told me and added that maybe I myself will feel that the girl is hesitating and then he should stop, even if the partner says to continue, that it is still better to stop and wait for the next time. the actor told and continued:

“He was right, I got myself into certain situations and knew when to stop”he says.

Matthew says that he never felt like a victim.

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“I was sure I was going to hell because of premarital sex, today I just hope it doesn’t happen”says the actor.

Then he says that after that he needed a healthy sexual relationship and to be with a girl he liked, which was difficult at first.

“But slowly I learned what it was like to be intimate and it was beautiful, but also spontaneous. Over time it wasn’t as bad as it was in the beginning“, says Matthew.

He also revealed that at the age of 18 he experienced bullying. He was passed out in the back of the van, and he didn’t want to tell much about what exactly happened.

Although he experienced trauma, he never went to therapy, but indicates that his loved ones helped him a lot to move on after those bad events. Among them is the wife Camila Alves.

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