Man who tried to steal two small white lion cubs from a zoo killed by a parent lion

According to BBC, a guy who attempted to infiltrate a zoo in the African country of Ghana by climbing over a fence in an effort to capture rare white lion cubs was killed by lions at the zoo. The man’s motive was to kidnap the babies. Accra, the nation’s capital, served as the venue for the event.

The individual was an adult, and the body of the deceased was discovered by zoo staff, as reported by the police.

According to the zoo, he may have had the intention of stealing two white lion cubs, which are some of the most unusual animals in Africa. These lion cubs have been providing the locals with a significant amount of entertainment ever since their birth in November of last year.

As a result of an occurrence that has left a great number of people in Ghana shaken, the Accra Zoo has been temporarily closed to the public.

The authorities started an inquiry to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the assault as well as the intruder’s reasons for carrying it out.

When the incident took place, there was a lion, a lioness, and their two white cubs all contained within the enclosure.

“The lions have cubs, so if you get too close, they may feel you are trying to take the babies away,” the zoo said.

According to the authorities, the intruder scaled a fence that was 10 meters high and then another fence that was 20 meters high in order to get inside the lions’ enclosure.

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