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Man wanted after finding lost keys and handing back in Omaha downtown

OMAHA, Nebraska – Melissa Carmona and Casey Welch are currently commuting to Omaha for their respective places of employment. On Saturday, they went to the Omaha Farmer’s Market and lost the keys to their work vehicle in the middle of the pouring rain.

Carmona claims that while they were rummaging around with an umbrella and suitcases, they managed to misplace the keys. She claims that it has been close to twenty-four hours since the keys were last seen.

“We had faith the whole time,” said Carmona, adding that it was looking a little dark though. “We had faith the whole time,” said Carmona.

Before entering the Omaha Visitors Center, the coworkers made numerous phone calls and scoured the whole Old Market and downtown areas for the missing person.

They spoke to the staff members, “Have any of you found any keys?”

In point of fact, several keys had been returned, and upon inspection, it was discovered that they belonged to Carmona and Welch. Carmona stated that if they had come twenty minutes earlier, the workers at the visitors center would not have been informed about the keys, and it is possible that the two women would still be hunting for them at this point.

After finding them in the middle of the street, an unknown man sprinted through the rain to the Omaha Visitors Center to turn them in. We are no longer trapped, and our anxiety over seeking for them for the past twenty-four hours is ended.

She mentioned that she is keeping her fingers crossed in the hopes of locating the individual who recovered their pickup keys. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any information about the individual in question, and rest assured that we will relay the message to them.

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