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Man charged with murder after attacking 82-year-old warehouse worker: ‘It’s almost beyond comprehension’

Police in Hillsborough, North Carolina believe they have finally caught the culprit in the death of an elderly Home Depot employee.

Terry McMillian Jr. was arrested Tuesday in connection with the death of 82-year-old Gary Rasor, who was attacked back in October and later died from his injuries.

According to Mr. hillsboroughMcMillian was charged with first-degree murder and robbery. He is being held without bail.

Video footage of the October 18 incident shows the assailant stealing three pressure washers from Home Depot’s garden section.

When Rasor intervened, the offender threw him to the ground and fled with the stolen goods.

Rasor died in late November due to complications from his injuries.

“We are delighted we were able to close this case and are very grateful to the family for their patience and support,” said Hillsborough Police Chief Dwayne Hampton. “It was a team effort involving many of our local criminal justice partners, [State Bureau of Investigation] and the public.”

According to WRAL-TVMcMillian’s first trial date is set for Feb. 9, with District Attorney Jeff Nieman saying he’s not looking death sentence.

“We understand why this case is important to this community, to the people of this city, to this county, and to our office,” Nieman said.

The maximum sentence is life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Andy Simmons, an officer with the Hillsborough Police Department, said at the time of the incident that Rasor was “an outstanding man”.

“Everyone loves him,” Simmons said. “And then someone does something like that to him, only to commit a theft. It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

Rasor’s son Jeff lamented the senseless attack.

“To include violence for a couple of pressure washers is almost beyond comprehension,” Rasor Jr. said.

The attacker broke several of Rasor’s bones and he was unable to walk.

His wife explained that Rasor seemed to be improving until he saw footage of the attack.

“The thing that hurts me the most is that Gary was okay. He didn’t get upset. He was optimistic until he saw the video and lost it,” said Jovonn Rasor.

“It was trauma. The doctors have already said it. The injury caused an acceleration of fibrosis.”

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