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Man arrested after allegedly tickling and licking feet of 7-year-old boy

A former Georgia school district employee has been charged with a sex offense after a disturbing report of contact with a minor.

Corey Rollins of Augusta is charged with non-aggravated child molestation following his arrest on Wednesday. WRDW-TV.

Rollins, 25, is accused of tickling and licking the feet of a 7-year-old boy at Urban Air Adventure Park in Augusta, Georgia.

The business owner described Rollins as “unaccompanied” in the park as he entered the fenced area reserved for children.

Rollins told authorities that he arrived at the amusement park with his family, but they had already left.

The child told his caregiver that Rollins tickled him before asking him to remove his socks. According to the report, Rollins allegedly continued to lick both of the boy’s bare feet.

The area of ​​the park where incident allegedly happened outside the coverage of the CCTV camera, so there is no video evidence of what happened.

The business owner apologized for the park’s existing camera structure, promising to add more devices to cover the facility’s unmonitored areas.

Rollins worked at Glenn Hills Elementary School in Augusta before his arrestin accordance with WRDW.

The school management made it clear that his job was fired after he arrest on charges of child molestation without aggravating circumstances.

“Rollins is no longer an employee of the Richmond County School System,” the Richmond County School System told WRDW in response to a request for comment.

According to a WRDW inquiry with the Georgia Occupational Standards Commission, the suspect was certified as a semi-professional educator.

August Press said Rollins was a physical education teacher at Glenn Hills Elementary School last school year.

This report indicated that the boy went to the park with his friend’s mother. It also stated that Rollins was reportedly “licking his lips while ‘showing off his phone’ with a flashlight on.”

According to WRDW, Rollins previously appeared in a photo with children on the Glenn Hills Elementary Facebook page.

Richmond County Sheriff’s Office listed Rollins as an inmate without bail for his non-aggravated child molestation charge. The Atlanta Press reported that he was being held without bail.

Rollins has yet to file a guilty plea in response to the felony charge.

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