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Majority leader Steny Hoyer joined state Sen. Tony Vargas to highlight economic recovery efforts in north and south Omaha

OMAHA, Neb. — Today, Senate Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and State Senator Tony Vargas highlighted economic recovery initiatives in north and south Omaha as part of their joint legislative agenda.

The two legislators organized a meeting with people of the local communities to talk about the $1.2 billion in ARPA monies that the state received.

They focused on the ways in which those monies, which are scheduled to be distributed to the two communities in the amount of $400 million, will have an effect on the region once those money are made available.

The money will be used for things like training for new workers and creating housing that is more affordable.

“You’re investing back in the types of jobs that are going to help our communities. We need to really tackle inflation. We heard the need to address and invest in housing and affordable housing and workforce housing. We heard the need to make sure that we’re making it easier for people to find this type of work,” Vargas said.

In November, Vargas will challenge the incumbent representative Don Bacon for the congressional seat representing Nebraska’s second congressional district.

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