Maintenance issues resulted with wheel to fall off school bus while driving students to Florida school

JACKSONVILLE, Florida — Students aboard a school bus in Jacksonville, Florida, watch as a wheel comes off and rolls beside them on a roadway, as seen on video.

Even more alarming than the video itself is the fact that this has occurred on this route many times this week to the same driver, even after the buses were exchanged.

Thankfully, no one was wounded, and the Duval County School District and its bus contractor said they are trying to prevent a recurrence.

However, parents continue to worry.

Gladys Wheelings informed WJXT that her freshman daughter was aboard the bus during both occurrences.

“She asked me does she have to take the bus? Can I take her? But I’m a working single parent, so, I’m sorry to say you will have to take the bus home,” Wheelings said.

Officials of the school system informed WJXT that they “share the concerns of parents and the community on this issue.”

The bus contractor informed the station that both incidents were the result of isolated maintenance difficulties and that they are highlighting the importance of mandatory maintenance inspections prior to the daily student pickup.

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