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Long Beach police found dead body of shooting victim inside a parked car Wednesday morning, report

LONG BEACH, California: After discovering a rotting body inside a parked car in Long Beach on Wednesday, police have begun a homicide investigation.

The cops discovered the body near the intersection of E. Ocean Boulevard and Corona Avenue after receiving a report of a foul odor emanating from the vehicle.

Officers discovered the body of Deondre Washington, 41, on the seat of the vehicle when they arrived.

Later, the Los Angeles County medical examiner ruled that he sustained several gunshot wounds to the upper torso.

Detectives are attempting to identify the motive for the shooting, but no suspect information is available.

Please contact Det. Sean Magee or Juan Carlos Reyes at 562-570-7244 if you have any information. People can also submit information anonymously by dialing 800-222-TIPS (8477) or by visiting

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