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Local restaurants are asking their guests to start wearing masks once again amid the Omicron surge

Omaha, NE – The Covid-19 situation lately is more than complicated in Nebraska as the state is seeing very high number of cases on a daily basis.

While lockdown is no longer an option for anyone, businesses continue to operate, or at least they try to stay operational taking into consideration the staffing shortage almost every local business face, but now fueled by the latest Covid-19 wave.

As usual, restaurants are the most hit as people decide to stay home instead of going out for a dinner. In an effort to keep running, local restaurants owners are asking guests to start mask up again when visiting them.

Dozens of local restaurants and businesses have the ‘please mask up” sign at the entrances. This comes as a result of the rising number of Covid-19 cases driven by the Omicron wave which seems that is not going to end up anytime soon.

Andrea Lawse owns Artemis Tea and Botanical near 40th & Farnam. She says the policy is partially due to the size of her shop.

“We’re such a small space that having masks seems even more important for us because there isn’t a lot of different places for people to space six feet apart,” said Lawse.

According to Andrea, we should all contribute and put effort into slowing down the spread of the virus in the area. She says that she follows the daily reports every single day in Omaha metro area.

“Every person plays a part in this community and we all have to think about each other and work together and we’re going to be healthier and more successful when we do.”

Additionally, restaurant owners are mandating their workers to wear masks while at work. That way, they are trying to keep both employees as safe as possible from the virus, but they also keep guests safe.

“We tend to look at the country as a whole in terms of what communities are doing. I know I traveled to Illinois over the holidays and masks were required pretty much everywhere you went,” said Matt Weber, Table Grace manager located near 16th & Farnam.

Since both Andrea and Weber want to keep their restaurants open in these hard times for everyone, they believe safety starts from them and their employees.

“Our staff is double vaccinated or boosted and we’re all doing our part to take care of each other and ourselves.”

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