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Local residents seeking emotional support can now get help

OMAHA, Nebraska – Along ancient Minne Lusa Boulevard, a sense of autumnal normalcy is created by the leaves turning orange and scarlet that fall to the ground below the mature trees that line the green belt.

An annual Halloween celebration for families was disrupted three nights prior by a vehicle who drove through the crowds down a roadway that had been closed off to traffic. In the end, a law enforcement officer who was present at the incident shot him. The only person who sustained serious injuries as a result of the incident was the driver, who is still being treated in the hospital as the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office decides whether or not to press charges against him.

Minne Lusa Elementary School is located just a few blocks away from the location where the incident took place. On Thursday night, Omaha Public Schools, Omaha Police, Project Harmony, and other organizations welcomed community members who were looking for emotional assistance.

Shelley Pool, a co-responder with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Behavioral Health and Wellness Unit, stated that “this is the first time we’ve put something together like this.” “I believe that we have learnt through history, even in Omaha, that there is a need to process it with somebody, and that you need to process that, even with complete strangers,”

Michelle Bang, the deputy director of Project Harmony, was quoted as saying, “This is just kind of an opportunity to work with those residual sentiments.” “Any time you’re involved in a chaotic something out of the ordinary where you’re not expecting it, especially if you’re a little one that you don’t understand everything that’s happening, that can be stressful, and that’s the goal here, just to share some information if their little one is struggling a little bit if they themselves are struggling so that they know what to expect in the next few weeks, and if they do need more help, they know how to get it,” said the speaker

Nobody who lived in the neighborhood was interested in giving an interview on video. One of the parents commented that it was too intimate. A woman told police that her grandparents, along with her children and grandchildren, were across the street from where the incident concluded and the guns were fired. She yearned to gain knowledge that would not only aid her, but also her family and the community in which she lived.

Pool stated that “We are able to connect them with all of the necessary resources” for their situation. “The parents, other adults, babysitters, older brothers and sisters, and younger children who had taken the younger children out trick-or-treating.” It is terrifying. We like to boast that situations like that never arise here.

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