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Local residents fear that a major project, that is on the way on the area around Saddle Creek Road and Pacific Street in Omaha, could ruin their quality of life

Residents of a neighborhood in Omaha have campaigned for months against a redevelopment project that, according to them, will diminish their quality of life.

After multiple rounds of conflict, the neighbors are prepared for a new beginning.

Around Saddle Creek Road and Pacific Street, there will soon be significant changes. According to the plan,  a 195-unit apartment complex should be developed and the developers claim  the project will enhance the region and generate tax revenue and jobs.

Alicia Franksen, a local homeowner, remarked, “We’ve seen the cops here more in the past three weeks than we have in the past thirty years.” People continue to peel these boards off, break into the building, and steal all the wiring and whatever else they can. One night, they removed an entire air conditioning unit from one of the residences.

Franksen was raised in the region. She does not see why somebody would want to construct in an area that floods with heavy rainfall.

Prior to a month ago, the entire region was inundated by a severe hailstorm.

This neighborhood along Saddle Creek Road and Pacific Street is home to various multigenerational households.

Sandra Doll, a local neighbor, noted, “We have four daughters and all of them were raised in this neighborhood. One of our daughters currently resides directly across the street from us.”

Doll has been a resident of the area for 58 years. She is concerned about the increasing population in the neighborhood.

“My only concern is traffic. There is no parking on the street and we will be unable to find a spot.”

However, residents have boarded up their homes and are preparing for change. Developers assert that it will be beneficial.

“I assume that’s for the best, but I’m not exactly thrilled about it.”

The proposal has received approval from the Omaha Planning Commission and City Council. Monday evening, at 6:00 p.m., a virtual educational meeting with developers is arranged, according to neighbors.

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