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Local residents are asked for their opinion as the city of Bellevue wants to build new waterpark worth nearly $60 million

OMAHA, Nebraska – The City of Bellevue is interested in receiving your feedback regarding the possibility of constructing a water park.

This is a significant undertaking. But for the time being, they are merely testing interest in the matter, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t reside in Bellevue.

In Bellevue, we had four pools that were the entire size. We have only one open position left. Each one costs a total of four million dollars to either construct or renovate. According to Doug Clark, director of Public Works for the city of Bellevue, “instead, we are looking at taking that money and putting it into a pot so that we may create something of a big size that would have a regional interest and would draw people to Bellevue.”

According to him, the total price could end up being “something in the vicinity of fifty to sixty million dollars.”

It would also feature a water park and a hotel adjacent to it that would be open all year. Clark stated that in their concept, the roof would be able to move up and down depending on the conditions outside.

People are being asked via an online survey how much they would be ready to pay to enjoy it, as well as whether or not they would accept an increase in the sales tax to help fund it.

If this is a regional development, then the sales tax payments that other individuals who visit Bellevue make will help pay for the development.

Offutt Air Force Base is the location of Sara Hall’s home. She was questioned by 6 News over the proposed increase in the sales tax.

“I wouldn’t have a problem with that at all. “If it’s to help the community, I think it would be good for everyone,” she added. “I think it would be useful for everyone.”

Officials from the city stated that a portion of the cash that could be generated by this possible waterpark would be allocated to the improvement of public parks.

“We see revenues being utilized from the development to help pay down those obligations, and some of the other monies help to maintain, beautify, and expand our park system,” said the developer. “We see revenues being used from the development to help pay down those bonds.”

The challenge that the city has in adequately manning its existing pools is one issue that critics bring up.

But according to Clark, a public-private cooperation would be an effective way to address such issues. He stated that full-time employees at this facility would eliminate the need to hire extra help during peak seasons. At least a portion of the aquatics center would be owned by the city, but it would be managed by a corporation from the private sector. Due to the fact that the idea is still in its early phases, a location or hotel partner has not yet been selected.

Grandma Sande Spicer, who lives in Bellevue, has indicated that she would be in favor of a pool that is open all year.

“I would most certainly be in favor of a water park being built in Bellevue. “I think it’s really necessary for individuals to know how to swim,” she said. “I think swimming is very vital.”

Clark believes that construction may begin on the park as early as 2024 if the citizens of Bellevue express a desire for it and if it is authorized by the city council.

The poll was scheduled to end on Wednesday with 1,700 replies, but residents asked for it to be reopened, thus the survey is now available again.

According to Clark, the findings of the study will be made accessible to the public and submitted to the city council once the survey has been finished and the report has been finalized.

The poll will close on Monday at midnight, so be sure to participate before then if you don’t want to miss the chance to have your say.

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