Local patients unable to schedule appointments at CHI Health due to the data security breach

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa— People were spotted entering and exiting Bergan Mercy Hospital on Tuesday night, but we cannot say what is going on inside, other than a widespread IT security issue affecting facilities across the nation.

An IT security incident is affecting the metropolitan area.

“I ultimately called CHI multiple times. His family doctor is at CHI on 31st and Broadway, and they informed him that their computers have been down since Monday at 1:00 a.m “Christine McIntosh of Council Bluffs stated.

The spouse of Christine is afflicted with a sickness that causes vertigo; he fell on Saturday morning after injuring his neck the day before.

McIntosh explained, “I gave him medication every several hours, and he appeared to be better, but his neck was stiff.”

Monday morning, she telephoned CHI.

I called his heart doctor, who apologized that no new appointments could be made because their computers were down.

She continued calling additional locations and received the same response. McIntosh was informed that the computers are down and that there has been an IT breach on the security system. “They are working on it,” she said.

CHI stated in a statement that they have disabled various IT systems, which might include electronic health record systems.

I asked CHI whether scheduled procedures or appointments were affected, but they did not respond.

Christine was given permission to bring her spouse to urgent care.

McIntosh stated, “Urgent care, you can go to urgent care, walk-in, and we can treat what we can without a computer.”

Christine stated that until CHI’s systems are operational again, her husband will visit a doctor outside of the institution for a neck scan.

“They have been nice and kind, and they have no desire to cause harm. Oh, I believe you have this, but they cannot guess whether or not you are taking this medication “McIntosh remarked.

We have not received any confirmation regarding when the systems would be restored. However, CHI has confirmed that Bergan Mercy Hospital is currently accepting trauma patients as of Tuesday afternoon.


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