Local dentist and Navy veteran received the Mission: Service award in Creighton.

OMAHA, Nebraska. (Nebraska) — At Creighton’s game on Wednesday, the Mission: Service award was presented to Berry Law by local veteran, Dr. Christopher Dix, who graduated from Creighton Dental School before using his US Navy degree as a dentist. Officer.

He was posted to the Middle East and took care of dental care for everyone on his aircraft carrier, from the admiral to the air wing pilots.

Service is at the center of his worldview, but Dicks has also learned important lessons from his military service.

“It was a difficult time. There are difficult times in life for which we all need to be prepared, deal with them, and weather the storm. And I think it taught me how to weather the storms in life. good team,” Deeks said.

Fun fact about Deeks – he was recently an extra on Top Gun Maverick.


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