Little Rock Southwest High School reported the first Monkeypox case, those exposed immediately informed via letter

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — At the Little Rock Southwest High School, there was one identified and confirmed case of monkeypox. People who had been potentially infected with the virus were notified through mail as soon as possible.

A letter was distributed by the Little Rock School District to all parents, staff members, and students in order to inform them of the verified case that had been found at their school and to also inform them of the symptoms that they should be on the lookout for.

Officials from the Little Rock School District are cooperating closely with the Arkansas Department of Health and adhering to the latter’s recommendations. The municipality is unable to comment on the particular case at this time.

The number of cases and counties affected by monkey pox in Arkansas has increased.

This virus is not similar to COVID-19, according to Doctor Joel Tumlison of the Arkansas Department of Health, who stated that “with this epidemic, this virus is mostly communicated through close skin to skin contact.” He also gave us his word that this virus is not contagious.

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