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Lincoln Woman’s March celebrates Women’s History Month

Lincoln (Nebraska) – The Lincoln Women’s Walk Committee met in Antelope Park Saturday to celebrate Women’s History Month.

While the committee normally marches to the capital for the Lincoln Woman’s March, this time they have decided to celebrate in a more intimate setting. This allowed them to commemorate past marches that brought them together in support of women’s rights in a variety of communities.

“We’ve marched pretty consistently over the last couple of years, so this year we wanted to create a platform to celebrate where we are today from all those marches we’ve done and come together and celebrate women.”

This event featured multiple speakers who spoke about the importance of breaking down racial, ethnic and gender barriers imposed on select groups of people.

“My dad died when I was only five from stage 4 stomach cancer. I was raised by a single mum, so we have that woman who can do anything with spirit, that’s always been a mantra of my life, especially growing up with her and seeing all kinds of gender stereotypes challenged.

Committee member Angela Evans said she would like to see all women from all different nations come together to work on women’s equality issues. They want to support other women and show them how to overcome the obstacles that often hold women back.

“All women from all different nations come together and work together. We are about all inclusiveness and making a more powerful impact together we make a mighty punch and so that’s what it’s about, bringing all women of all nations, genders together and make a mighty punch to keep changing our community and beyond.

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