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Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird secures second term

Lincoln, Nebraska has re-elected Leirion Gaylor Baird as mayor, according to the unofficial final results released by the Lancaster County Election Commission on Tuesday evening. Of the total votes cast, Gaylor Baird had 42,072 while her competitor, Suzanne Geist, had 35,404. While approximately 3,690 more ballots are yet to be counted, the results are not enough for Geist to surpass Gaylor Baird’s lead.

In her victory speech, Gaylor Baird hailed the community for their trust in her leadership and resolve to keep Lincoln a safe, vibrant, and growing city. She said, “This is been a triumph of love for Lincoln over the politics of fear.” Notably, the election is non-partisan, but most candidates are typically identified with a particular political party.

Re-electing Gaylor Baird marks a significant victory for the Lincoln Democratic Party, which celebrated this win over the ‘Make America Great Again’ (MAGA) Republicans who were backed by the wealthy Peed and Ricketts families. The Nebraska Republican Party acknowledged Geist’s efforts as they released a statement thanking her for her campaign and positive contributions in strengthening infrastructure, public safety, and economic development. They also recognized the increased Republican participation in the election by 26.5%.

The election results confirm that Nebraskans do not want their elections bought by millionaires or want misinformation propagated by a particular party. The results indicate their preference for positive ideas and policies that work for all. Gaylor Baird’s victory assures Lincoln of the continuation of a welcoming environment for all its residents.

While the election may have been fiercely contested, Gaylor Baird’s victory indicates that her leadership resonates with Lincolnites, and the election can be viewed as a proxy for the Democratic Party’s popularity in the region. While the remaining ballots will likely affect the final vote tally, Gaylor Baird’s victory is unlikely to be overturned.

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