Lincoln has some very interesting places to visit, this a list of 14 best places

As the state’s capital and home to the state’s most prestigious institution, travelers will find a wide variety of historical and cultural attractions. The city is compact and simple to navigate. Although it is simple to rent a car, it is more enjoyable to explore on foot, especially in the historic Haymarket District.

History and art-related activities in Nebraska are plentiful, as the state is home to some of the top museums in the country. As the home of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, sports fans can choose from a variety of live sporting events. With zoos, gardens, and enchanting architecture, Lincoln rapidly becomes a desirable visit.

14. Pinnacle Bank Arena

In 2011, construction began on Lincoln’s most modern arena. Since 2013, the arena has attracted spectators from across the country to watch live sports, theater, and concerts. The enclosed stadium can accommodate up to 15,000 spectators and hosts an annual average of 140 events.

Check out the Pinnacle Bank Arena’s schedule as you begin to organize your stay in Lincoln. It is the location to watch the Cornhuskers perform on the basketball floor, and who knows, maybe your favorite touring artist will be in town as well.

Saint Mary Roman Catholic Church


Saint Mary Catholic Church is an imposing structure across the street from the State Capitol. Its ornate fa├žade, limestone arches, towering spires, and bell towers are enough to wow any architecture enthusiast. As you approach the church, the gray and black accents enhance its cream-colored facade.

The original church was constructed in 1888, but a fire nearly completely destroyed it 18 years later. The current structure is an accurate reproduction of the original and one of the most attractive in the city.

Children’s Museum in Lincoln.

The Lincoln Children’s Museum is a journey for young brains, spanning three floors loaded with entertaining activities. Get the children off their phones and send them on a journey of discovery and creativity while experiencing the power of play-based learning.

There are over 40 interactive exhibits at the museum that will demand the little rascals to create, dance, climb, and sing, resulting in limitless hilarity from young and old. In addition to its displays, the museum also hosts educational programs. When you are ready for a break, visit the cafe for refreshments. But be sure to explore the toy store before leaving.

11. Sheldon Art Museum

The Sheldon Museum of Art, which explores current and modern art, will be a popular with art enthusiasts and casual admirers both. The museum is located on the University of Nebraska campus. The exhibit is a combination of the university’s own collection and the Sheldon Art Association’s private repository.

The museum displays nearly 12,000 items from the 19th and 20th centuries, encompassing a variety of genres. There will be geometric abstraction, color field painting, American Impressionism, and ornate sculptures on display for visitors. The latter is best explored at the enormous sculpture garden of the Sheldon Museum of Art.

Governor’s Residence


A short distance from the Nebraska State Capitol lies the sumptuous Georgian Colonial Governor’s Mansion, built in 1957. The structure replaced the state’s first governor’s mansion, which was constructed in 1890. Its red-brick exterior and towering columns are encircled by lush pines and manicured gardens, creating a picturesque scene.

After entering the renovated mansion, you can explore its more than thirty rooms. But only five of those rooms are bedrooms. On Thursdays, you can sign up for a free guided tour to learn about the building’s history and the significant events that occurred within its sacred walls.

9. Haymarket Neighborhood


If you ever feel the need to explore Lincoln on foot, you should begin in the historic Haymarket District. The former warehouse neighborhood is now lined with rows of refurbished buildings that are packed with restaurants, elegant cafes, and welcoming pubs. With a cup of coffee in hand, it is enjoyable to stroll through one of the city’s oldest districts in the morning.

As a result of its closeness to the University of Nebraska, the Haymarket District is perpetually lively. Here you will find many of the city’s cultural events and festivals, as well as its charming farmer’s market. On any given evening, the bars are full with students, producing a lively nightlife.

8. Memorial Stadium


Even if the Nebraska Cornhuskers are no longer one of the finest college football teams, watching them play at Memorial Stadium is still an incredible experience. The massive stadium, one of the largest in sports, can accommodate just under 90,000 screaming people. Every other Saturday in the autumn, the house is filled and the noise is deafening.

Obtaining tickets for one of the games is difficult. Therefore, if you are unable to attend or have arrived out of season, tour Hall of Fame Avenue. You may view the original columns from 1892, the team’s trophy cabinet, and a famous statue of Bob Devaney.

7. State University of Nebraska Museum


The University of Nebraska State Museum is an absolute must-see because it has the world’s largest articulated mammoth (a fossil discovered in one piece). The mammoth is the main attraction and was discovered by wandering chickens that dug beneath the surface.

As you tour the surrounding displays, it is impossible not to be awestruck by the enormity of the beast. Complementing Archie the mammoth is a fossilized elephant display that is equally intriguing. Explore the remainder of the museum to learn more about Nebraska’s geology, Native American culture, and pioneer lifestyle.

6. Nebraska State Capitol


The current Nebraska State Capitol is the third version of the building. The first was constructed in 1868 using local limestone. A few years later, things began to fall apart. The second structure, completed in 1888, also suffered from poor construction and lasted only a few decades.

This magnificent art deco structure took ten years to create and was inaugurated in 1932. It remains one of Lincoln’s most remarkable architectural structures. Its central tower is imposing and distinguishes it from other notable capitals.

You can follow the engravings on the building’s outer facade and go through 3,000 years of democracy. Before entering, you will find gilded columns and stunning murals.

5. International Patchwork Museum

If you’re a fan of arts, crafts, and knitting, Lincoln has the most significant collection of quilts in the world. Over the past quarter-century, the International Quilt Museum has peeled back the layers and shown global artwork.

In doing so, the museum will transport you through four centuries of quilting history. You will become familiar with the many regional styles and how they have evolved over time. However, it is the extraordinary designs that frequently put guests in a trance. The 3,500 quilts on display are pieces of art, far from the typical quilt.

Lincoln’s Children Zoo

Lincoln Children’s Zoo is an exceptional option for traveling families. The zoo provides a variety of engaging experiences for children in an effort to cultivate a respect for our wildlife and natural world.

Since its opening in 1965, the zoo’s population has increased to over 400 animals, including 40 endangered species. Kids can get up close and personal with many of these magnificent species. The model train can transport the entire family through the zoo, to the delight of all passengers.

Stop along the way to feed the giraffes, engage in a horseback riding adventure, or visit the Animal Encounter Stage. Here, children may get up up and personal with alligators, owls, and a boa constrictor.

Nature Center in Pioneers Park


Pioneers Park Nature Center has been in the forefront of environmental education and wildlife conservation since its opening in 1963. It is characteristic by expansive tallgrass prairies and seemingly unending woods that feed to thriving wetland ecosystems nourished by meandering streams.

On any of the eight kilometers of hiking routes, you can explore this magnificent area. Each trail winds around the park, highlighting a particular facet of the ever-changing landscape. Along the route, you will be introduced to a variety of local animals, including the small bison herd and raptor enclosures.

In addition to wandering the open areas, there are several fragrant gardens, like the herb garden, to enjoy. Additionally, there is a natural play area for families.

2. Sunken Gardens


During the Great Depression, the Sunken Gardens were a garbage-filled abyss. The area was repurposed and restored to become the charming gardens it is today.

Since the late 1930s, the Sunken Gardens have been the ideal setting to stroll with a date while admiring the magnificent flora and verdant grass. From the entrance gates, you are transported from downtown Lincoln to an urban oasis brimming with native and exotic flora. Each plant is positioned to create a natural kaleidoscope along the walks, demonstrating the garden’s inventiveness.

The roads finally lead to ornate pavilions with domed roofs, where you can laze carefree with your partner.

1. The American Speed Museum

The Museum of American Speed, founded in 1922, is your one-stop shop for all things fast. The museum honors the history of autos, including race cars and remarkable engines that alter our perception of speed. The Museum of American Speed has continued to expand over the past century and is now housed in a vast exhibition hall.

In addition to the site’s regular exhibits, visitors will discover three main collections. Automobilia is one of them; it features a captivating assortment of relics. The second section examines the evolution of engines and automobiles over the course of several decades. The Toys and Models section will allow all visitors to unleash their inner nerd and unleash their creativity.

While you can explore the museum at your own pace, guided tours of two hours are available during the week.

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