Lincoln greenhouses and gardens brace for warmer weather

LINCOLN, Nebraska (Nebraska) – Here in Lincoln, spring is just around the corner, and garden shops and greenhouses are gearing up for the busiest time of the year. As the main growing season approaches, these stores said they have been preparing for months.

These days, loading and unloading seems like a constant task for Campbells store manager Jason Orth.

“We started basically, you know, for example, in July, we are in November, fulfilling our orders for this year,” Orth said. “So you have to plan ahead and then get all these trucks and load the trucks, hire people to help take everything out. And then just arrange everything, put up signs and all that stuff. “

During busy months such as April and May, trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and tropical plants are especially popular. With all the new plants comes about a thousand customers on a good day and a new crop of seasonal employees.

“In busy months, we have a lot of seasonal help because there is a lot of watering, moving goods, reselling, growing plants and all that,” Orth said. “So we usually have about 20 seasonal workers to hire.”

In southwest Lincoln, a quieter production for this one-woman plant nursery.

“Do some winter planning, you might think there was nothing over the winter, but that’s a lot of planning,” said Nicole Ngirchoimey, Grow With Me Gardens. “And then just fill the pots and plant the seeds.”

Ngirchoimei is planting plants in time for his opening day on May 6th. She hopes to gather around 100 people.

“Each year, I am very happy when I return my clients compared to last year,” said Ngirchoimei. “Or someone says my friend or my daughter shop here. And so I sent them to you or they sent me to you. Yes, I like it”.

Among flowers, vegetables, and even peanuts, Ngirchoimei specializes in growing hot peppers and turning them into condiments.

“For this, I have to wear N-95, gloves and goggles, and I can’t eat it, but my clients say it’s delicious,” Ngirchoimei said.

Ngirchoimei said that if you want to start gardening now, you can do it. The conditions are almost ideal for starting cold-loving vegetables.

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