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Lincoln e-scooters are back after the winter break; city ​​officials are asking motorcyclists to be cautious

LINCOLN, Neb. (Nebraska) – With warmer weather around the corner, electric scooters are back in Lincoln.

The Lime company on Wednesday deployed 250 electric scooters around Lincoln after a hiatus over the winter.

Last fall, the city launched its permanent scooter program after testing it in a pilot program.

“In those 16 months that we had the pilot, we had over 91,000 trips taken by 25,000 unique users,” said Roberto Partida, a planner at Lincoln Transportation and Utilities.

The scooter program is part of the city’s plan to have a more efficient and greener transportation system throughout Lincoln.

With the return of scooters, city officials are reminding riders to follow the rules.

“You must be 18 or older to ride an electric scooter,” Partida said. “Second thing, no double driving, one person per scooter.”

Partida said that a scooter is considered a motor vehicle, so riders should follow all traffic rules and regulations.

“These are considered a motor vehicle, so in theory you could, you know, be charged with a DUI,” Partida said.

For maps and information about the ScooterLNK program, visit lincoln.ne.gov/scooter.

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