Lincoln Children’s Zoo welcomes baby armadillo

LINCOLN, Nebraska (Nebraska). On February 1, a new baby armadillo named Jimmy was born at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo.

On Wednesday, the Lincoln Children’s Zoo announced the birth of a male southern tri-brand armadillo born to mum Phiz and dad Fez. Jimmy is the third cub and the third male armadillo from Phiz and Fez.

“Our keepers are doing an amazing job caring for our animals and creating a safe and supportive environment for them to give birth and care for newborns,” said Evan Killin, general manager of the Lincoln Children’s Zoo. “Both mom and baby are healthy and developing, and Jimmy is reaching all growth milestones.”

Zookeepers said Fiz provided a birdhouse and nesting materials such as wood wool, shredded paper, and shredded cardboard, which she packed it all into the birdhouse. Fiz usually destroys and rebuilds the nest about two or three times during this period, according to zookeepers.

At only two days old, Jimmy weighed 103 grams, and now he weighs just over one pound.

Lincoln Children’s Zoo (Lincoln Children’s Zoo)

The zoo said that Jimmy stayed in the nest with his mom for the first month. A month later, Jimmy began to walk at night, but his mother sometimes drove him back to the nest and barricaded the entrance so that he would not leave.

Fiz and Jimmy are not currently on display. Zookeepers suggest that Jimmy and Fiz will go to the Animal Kingdom exhibit in late April or early May, when Jimmy is fully weaned.

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