Lincoln Airport finally connected with Houston: flight schedule released, booking active

LINCOLN, Nebraska – The maiden United flight from Lincoln to Houston has been booked after months of planning.

“We have been trying to get a Texas market for a while, it’s been something on our radars. We know a lot of Nebraskans like to travel south whether its to get to Mexico or hit a connection or go somewhere else. We haven’t had a warm destination for awhile so Houston is perfect for us,” Rachel Barth, Communications Director for the Lincoln Airport Authority said.

Beginning on September 2, these flights will transport passengers daily to George Bush International Airport.

A federal aviation grant of around $750,000 paid for the increased flight service, while the airport still has more than $3 million in COVID money from the city and county. The airport authority is still in the process of utilizing these funds to recruit a new airline or route.

United is the sole airline currently servicing Lincoln, with flights to Denver and Chicago. This year, Delta ended its operations at the Lincoln Airport.

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