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Letters to the editor – January 23, 2023

Problem: The Post’s report that nearly 65,000 people moved from New York to Florida in 2022.

Thus, 64,577 people moved from New York to Florida (“64,577 change New York to Florida”, January 20).

I’m not at all surprised. We have a terrible governor and mayor who are destroying this once great state and city, allowing criminals to rule the streets and encouraging illegal immigrants to come here.

Tired of paying taxes, law-abiding citizens. If this trend continues, New York State will be filled with people who don’t pay taxes and disappear entirely. Remember, taxes are paid for services.

Linda Shukofsky

stream valley

The Post’s story of crime out of control in New York on one page, and then a record number of New Yorkers moving to the Sunshine State on the next, speaks for itself.

The criminal element, homelessness and zero accountability of district attorneys and courts sum up the problem in a nutshell. Day after day, recidivist cretins get out of hand. No wonder the cops are slow to respond or show concern.

The leftist regime has given criminals free passage, and those who can switch to Florida do so without looking back.

Those fleeing states with disgusting, hypocritical policies and reckless tax increases have had their say.

Kevin Judge

Naples, Florida.

Jupiter, Florida
Jupiter, Florida
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With Judge Hector LaSalle’s refusal and the state legislature not considering any changes to “bail reform” or other criminal custody laws, I wonder if New York has finally reached a tipping point.

Almost everyone who cannot come to terms with left-wing insanity has left. Those who remain either cannot leave or live quietly in a criminal state.

Businesses are closed due to numerous thefts and break-ins. Tourists are afraid to come here and become victims of crime.

The rights of law-abiding citizens are in second place compared to the criminal element.

Bill Isler,

flower park

Thousands of New Yorkers migrate to Florida. This is not necessarily good news for Florida. People leaving New York contributed to a decline in the quality of life there.

Liberals accept the agenda of the people they elect. But when they see what they’ve done, they pack up and leave. The catch is that they bring their liberal ideals with them. They screwed up in an abandoned city and will now destroy their adopted state.

Walter Goldesky

East Brunswick, New Jersey

Problem: Mayor Adams’ call to President Biden to close the border amid an influx of migrants to New York.

Kudos to Mayor Adams for having the courage to actually visit the border, to make a logical assessment and to propose action (Eric: Close the Border, January 19).

In addition, leaving politics aside, he directly called on the President to close the border.

It is clear that the flow of migrants has had an uneven impact on individual cities, including New York, which was the reason for the mayor’s border visit.

Only a thorough, concrete and humane approach will resolve this crisis. Director of Homeland Security Alejandro Mallorcas should stop treating the border as work that should not be shown.

Ronald G. Frank

West Orange, New Jersey

Adams realized that this influx of migrants was not sustainable and went to the root cause of the problem by visiting the border.

The call from the mayor of the administration – and controller Brad Lander – is refreshing because he’s actually doing his job and not playing politics. Democrats across the country should take notice.

Peter W. Kelly

Hazlet, New Jersey

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