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Letters to the editor – February 5, 2023

The name of the canyon is Nyx
Aside from the fact that Manhattan Borough President Mark Lewin has many other pressing issues to focus on, removing the names of some historical figures that virtually no one sees from the sidewalks of downtown Broadway is wrong (“Erase” the canyon, Nazi friends, January 27).
The inclusion of the names of Pierre Laval and Henri Philippe Pétain in the list of those who took part in the ticker tape parade (with the date of the parade) does not honor Nazi collaborators; This is a statement of historical fact.
Their statues do not stand on horseback. Indeed, today, interested people can look up names on their phones and learn valuable lessons from history. Why edit this? The elite of all stripes have a tendency to dictate to the rest what we need to know. This is rarely a good idea.
Michael Burke, Bronx

Fanatics go free
Want to know why New York City is dying right in front of our eyes (“The District Attorney’s Wrist Furor Protection,” Feb. 2)?
Look at the plea deal that the fearless, crime-fighting Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg handed to one of the anti-Semitic mobsters who attacked a man because of his religion.
One of the group received no jail time at all, while another received six months in jail after saying, “I would do it again.” Looks like Bragg is trying his best to make sure he has a chance.
When you get slapped for joining a mob that beats, pepper sprays, and clubs an innocent person, the message is clear: this city is pro-criminal and rejects crimes against Jews. Welcome to ultra-liberal New York City.
Steve Heitner, Middle Island

Damage from rent control
Your editorial “Helping the Left on Painful Housing” (January 28) was right on target.
Laws and regulations that control rents result in delayed repairs, unfinished needed improvements, and vacant apartments.
It is worth recalling a quote attributed to the late Swedish economist Assar Lindbeck: “In many cases, rent control is the most effective method currently known for destroying a city, with the exception of bombing.”
James Sica, Chicago, Illinois.

Bring the NYPD home
Brooklyn City Councilman Chi Osse is right (“Ignorant Lefty Terror Tweet”, January 29).
Why are NYPD cops stationed at 16 overseas locations while homegrown criminals pose the greatest threat to our city?
One of his critics tweeted: “Have you ever heard of 9/11?” Yes, I have. But I also heard about the CIA, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and other federal agencies tasked with protecting us from foreign terrorists.
With violent crime on the rise, New York City needs better police houses, not thousands of miles away.
Your report notes that this program is funded by private donors. Who are they and how do they benefit from it? New Yorkers have a right to know. I hope the media can find out for us.
Richard Rafe, Queens

dog second chance
I feel devastated to read that some horrible person pinned a poor, defenseless dog to the pavement (“Dog Dog Beats Ruff,” January 30).
The person who did this must be caught and held accountable for this heartless crime.
The dog is under the supervision of the “angels” of the Tri-County Humane Society, they keep him and love him. I hope he will be adopted by loving people. Thank God, caring people found him.
Keith Phelan, Boca Raton, Florida.

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