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Letters to the editor – February 23, 2023

Issue: State Senate revokes invitation from Albany District Attorney David Soares over his criticism of bail reform laws.

Your article on Albany County District Attorney David Soares’ insightful look at the bail reform carnage was amazing (“New York Bail Laws,” David Soares, Feb. 20).

Shame on State Senate leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins ​​and her band of misfits for withdrawing an invitation to Soares, an African-American Democrat, to speak because he didn’t repeat their agenda. It’s time to revoke qualified immunity for politicians like Stuart-Cousins, who go unpunished, as do the criminals she helps free every day.

Hugh Ward

Village of Greenwich

The past election seemed to give Rep. Lee Zeldin a real chance to begin New York’s long and arduous rise out of a dystopia created by years of radical, destructive politics. When his useless opponent somehow won, that hope faded.

The suppression of the harsh truth of D. A. Soares by soulless and spineless radicals is not at all surprising.

David Perez


Kudos to Soares for having the courage to tell the truth to the authorities.

Soares, an African-American Democrat, has the legal and political skills to tell Albany politicians that their insane bail laws are destroying the very communities they were supposed to serve.

The fact that Soares was not invited to deliver this speech in the State Legislature and that it was to be read into the minutes by someone else proves how dangerous the narrow-mindedness of our politicians is.

Poisoned by their twisted ideology, they choose to sacrifice the poorest New Yorkers on the altar of awakening dogma rather than defend them.

Every legislator who voted and continues to support this obscene evil should be impeached and removed from office or excluded from voting in the next election cycle.

Their disregard for public safety, especially the threat to minorities, makes these people horribly unsuitable for the job.

Stuart Allison


Our legislators in Albany have never been called to the carpet because of the chaos they have created with our insane bail laws, and they continue to bury their collective heads in the sand and be irresponsible to the people they serve.

They didn’t invite Soares to speak at the Senate hearing on crime because they couldn’t handle valid criticism from one of them.

Assembly Speaker Carl Histie does not answer questions from The Post because he claims The Post does not show him respect. The truth is, Histy, he doesn’t have the answers.

Innocent people of all races are being mistreated, businesses are being destroyed, and we’ve never been given a strong case for how we benefit from these idiotic laws.

Histy, you get respect when you deserve it, not when you’re not responsible for the fruitless criminal activity you had a hand in creating.

Matthew Veralli


Soares was not allowed to speak against bail reform because it went against what the Democratic State Senate wanted to hear. It seems that his data did not match their data.

Pledge reform and our so-called representatives have failed the law-abiding citizens of this state. Who benefits from the fact that we have the same recidivists commit a long list of crimes?

The sharp increase in crime has brought fear to New York. Political indifference to this crime inspired even greater fear.

Not only the voice of D.A. Soares cannot be heard, but our voices are ignored.

Tony Giametta

sea ​​coast

I fully agree with Suarez on the leniency of Albany politicians, like that ultra-liberal nightmare state senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, who, along with her misguided colleagues, is turning New York into a toilet.

Besides, our so-called governor has done absolutely nothing to keep this train wreck going with her stupidity.

Vote for these idiots. They have personal security 24/7. The average citizen does not have them.

Ralph Manente


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