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Letters to the Editor – February 15, 2023

Problem: The Post reports that in 2022, the number of criminal offenses in New York increased by 20.4% compared to 2021.

I have seen the city at its worst since I grew up here in the 70s and 80s (Return to Crime, Feb. 13).

But I’m seeing a return to what caused my parents’ post-traumatic stress disorder.

The NYPD is doing nothing to stop the violence. They don’t enforce any subpoena-level offenses at all. They do less than they are paid.

The NYPD has been made useless by laws that encourage crime and a criminal justice system run by judges and district attorneys who don’t want anyone to go to jail.

If New York is not going to enforce laws, jail criminals, and fight violent crime, then why are we paying taxes for a powerless police force?

This city lost the war of decency and traded its dignity for meaningless social programs that encourage criminal behavior.

Brian Flynn


Well, it’s deja vu in New York. If you look at the numbers, you will see that all types of crime have risen again.

Mayor Adams promised in his campaign that crime would be his main concern. When he said it, it sounded good, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen.

With the problem of migrants that he faced in the city, which he cannot cope with, all our other problems have escalated.

Adams needs to start building his most important priorities and doing what needs to be done – and that is to protect the people of our city from all this rising crime.

Until this is done, crime will continue to rise without end.

Rob Johann


When it comes to crime, New York is in for the perfect storm. It’s a combination of indifference from Albany legislators, woke district attorneys, powerless judges, and a low-key police department.

Added to all this are weak gun possession laws and rampant recidivism on the part of recidivists.

We should consider increasing the penalty for possession of a weapon from one year to five years, as in the UK. As for those repeat offenders, who are estimated to be around 3,000, we can remove them with the Three Strikes Act.

I hear Rep. Lee Zeldin say when he said he would declare a state of emergency, to Governor Hole’s chagrin. I think the time has come.

Phil Serpico


Crime has increased since last year. Crime is at an all-time high.

Maybe now Mayor Adams will stop trying to convince us that crime is under control and the streets are safe.

Or will the sheep that voted for him continue to live in error?

Rob Cerone


Q: An article by Mark Krikorian claiming that President Biden’s border policy would cost $200 billion.

Article by Mark Krikorian “The Cost of Open Borders: $200 Billion!” (11 February) very informative.

New York City shelters are on the brink of collapse. Perhaps the number of US Border Patrol officers should be increased.

Thank you Mayor Adams for visiting the border. I think it’s time for Governor Khokhulu to visit the border and make some suggestions.

President Biden must meet with more government officials to solve the border puzzle.

Thomas Patrick Folan

Miller Place

Migrants are more likely to vote for one when they are granted citizenship, or worse, when they are given the opportunity to vote, even if they never become citizens. So Biden and his progressive friends bought the Democratic Party a lot of votes paid by average Americans.

Mel Young

Boca Raton, Florida.

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