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Letters to the Editor — Nov. 25, 2022

The Issue: Mayor Adams’ appointment of his former landlord, Lisa White, to deputy NYPD commissioner.

Does Mayor Adams think his constituents in New York City are all fools (“Friends with benefit$,” Nov. 23)?

I really think he believes that as long as you are a relative, a friend or a friend of a friend that qualifies you for a $200,00-plus position in his administration.

Just how many deputies does the mayor need? Apparently, no one oversees these appointments.

I guess with his very active nightlife, the mayor needs all these deputies to run the city. It’s not surprising that so many people have been abandoning the Big Apple.

Dick Mills


I voted for Mayor Adams because of his law-enforcement background and his no-nonsense campaign promises on fighting crime.

Clearly, I made a mistake. It’s evident that street crime is out of control, but so is the mayor’s blatant dispensing of lucrative patronage jobs to friends and family.

It has become evident that Adams is using his executive power recklessly.

Gerard Rosenthal


Well, it seems like nothing is changing with the Democrats and the moves they make.

Our mayor has appointed his once-landlord, Lisa White, a former 911 dispatcher, to deputy NYPD commissioner.

What’s he going to do next — appoint his cleaning lady as commissioner of the Department of Sanitation? That’s probably a better move. At least she would have some cleaning experience. Rob Johann


​After seeing The Post’s front-page headline on Wednesday, the conclusion was clear. Obviously the old saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you who know,” is still operating very well.

Adams is definitely showing his true colors here.

Frank Brady


Adams’ administration is not a very culturally diverse one. He has given his cronies high-paying jobs that most likely come with a handsome pension.

I have a problem if these people are not qualified for these jobs, and it’s based on nepotism alone.

Alfred Bonnabel


The Issue: Midterm-election data showing GOP politicians won in predominantly Asian areas in NYC.

Your front-page story, “Asian voters ditched Dems,” paints a distorted image of Asian American voters (Nov. 21).

The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund’s multilingual exit poll on Nov. 8 surveyed 2,628 voters across Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. A majority weighed the economy/jobs and health care as more influential to their vote than public safety.

Further, Asian American voters generally supported Democratic candidates, including Gov. Hochul and Iwen Chu, the first Asian American woman elected to the state Senate.

There is no doubt Democrats need to do more to reach out to our communities and earn our votes, but painting Asian Americans as simply driven by sensational rhetoric around crime is misleading.

R. Patel

Fellow, AALDEF


It is no surprise that many Asian voters have changed course.

Democratic politicians have taken these hardworking, productive people for granted for too long.

It is difficult to accept that right here in New York, many of our radical political leaders have decided that there are too many Asian students in schools of high standing.

With the final data in on the last election, it seems the Asian voting bloc has sent out a strong message.

Nicholas Maffei


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