Less severe diseases arose from omicron, experts say

Researchers at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say less serious illnesses have arisen from the appearance of omicron, despite its highly contagious nature.

A study released this week by the Federal Reserve found that the number of patients admitted to the intensive care unit between December 19 and January 15, the period considered to be the peak of the omicron wave, was about 26 percent lower than the previous delta outbreak, and 29 percent lower than last year’s influx of new Covid-19 infections during the winter months.

The CDC study also found that the average hospital stay for infected patients was about 5.5 days during the omicron period, compared with 7.6 days during the delta wave, and about eight days during on last year’s winter wave.

Researchers say the lower number of severe cases of SOVID-19 during the omicron surge is due to several factors, including the large number of Americans who have been vaccinated and received third-dose vaccines or boosters, along with increasing levels of acquired immunity to previous infections. .

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