Latino voters show little interest in immigration expansion amid rising inflation and crimes, recent study shows

According to a July-August study of 2,540 registered Latino voters conducted by two pro-migration advocacy groups, Latino voters are uninterested in immigration growth despite growing inflation and violence.

The study placed “immigration reforms” as the eleventh most important problem after inflation, crime, the economy, healthcare, abortion, rent, and schools.

The study is again another indication that the business-funded GOP elites’ assumption that Latinos will support GOP candidates who promise wage-cutting amnesties and increased immigration is false.

In fact, the majority of respondents supported greater taxes on the rich, including the several wealthy Democrats and Republicans who support expanded labor immigration.

Two Democratic-affiliated organizations, Mi Familia Vota and UnidosUS, formerly known as La Raza, financed the study.

The two groups posted a press statement that downplayed Latinos’ rejection of their pro-migration priorities:

Inflation and jobs are the #1 and #3 priorities, findings that track with long-standing Latino concerns about the economy. Health care is the fourth priority. Notably, crime/gun violence rose to #2 …For the first time, abortion is among the top five issues, and more than 70 percent of Latino voters believe it should remain legal, no matter their own personal beliefs on the issue.

While immigration is not among the top five issues, Latino voters believe strongly that leaders in Washington should provide a path to citizenship, or in the absence of Congressional action, the president should take executive action.

The study was conducted shortly after an Ipsos survey revealed that a majority of Americans (54 percent) thought a border “invasion” is occurring as a result of President Joe Biden’s pro-immigration policies. Latinos constitute 47 percent of the majority.

The study conducted by the two organizations reveals that the majority of Latino voters are big-government populists who are more concerned with their communities and families than with progressive calls for immigration.

However, the study did not inquire about the respondents’ opinions on the controversial woke agenda of the Democrats, which includes greater wealth-shifting migration, war with Russia, the promotion of transgenderism in schools, and the shutdown of carbon-energy firms.

However, the GOP’s ability to leverage the Democrats’ woke agenda to gain more Latino voters is hampered by the desires of GOP funders for more wage-cutting and rent-spiking immigration.

For instance, most contributors reject any financial presentation to the many voters concerned about the economic impact of migration, in part because the pocketbook migration argument is likely to work with swing voters.

Eighty percent or more of respondents complained about the growing cost of fuel and food, while 48 percent believe medical expenditures have increased.

Sixty-four percent of respondents stated, “Job does not pay enough and/or must work a second job in order to make ends meet.”

68 percent “strongly” agreed that the government should ensure that all citizens can afford health care.

57% of respondents strongly agreed with the statement, “Housing Rental Assistance.”

Fifty-nine percent “strongly agreed” with the statement, “Regardless of my personal views on abortion, I believe it is immoral to make abortion illegal and remove that choice from everyone.”

Regarding firearms, the study revealed that 37% claimed “violence has increased in my area” and 72% said “weapons are too accessible.”

According to the study, Latino voters in California are more pro-Democrat than Latino voters elsewhere.

For instance, President Joe Biden’s popularity rating among California Latinos was 60%, whereas it was just 51% in Texas and 48% in Florida.

In the autumn, 51% of Latino respondents said that they would vote for Democratic candidates. Only 22% stated they would support Republicans.

Numerous surveys indicate that the population welcomes some immigration. However, public hostility to labor migration and the influx of temporary contract workers into occupations required by young U.S. graduates is strong and widespread, according to polls.

This “Third Rail” resistance is increasing, anti-establishment, multicultural, cross-sex, non-racist, class-based, nonpartisan, intelligent, tenacious, and acknowledges that American people owe each other solidarity.

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