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Latino Center of the Midlands is helping local residents to improve the gardens in their backyards


OMAHA, Nebraska – This is where you would find Zoraida and her husband, Audberto Alvarado, harvesting their new garden on a sunny day.

Two years ago, when Audberto was forced to temporarily leave his profession due to a shoulder injury, they planted a garden that altered their way of life.

Alvarado stated, “I had surgery on my shoulder, so we’ve been experiencing some financial difficulties.”

However, they did not establish the garden without assistance from the Latino Center of the Midlands. Its Siembra Salud initiative teaches food-insecure individuals how to cultivate their own food.

Gustavo Servin-Maciel, coordinator of the Siembra Salud Program, stated, “We achieve this via the power of gardening, and we visit the families every month to assist them with their gardens and teach them about nutrition, diet, and similar topics.”

The center provides all of the materials necessary for anyone to establish their own gardens, from soil to a choice of fruit and vegetable seeds.

Servin-Maciel stated, “We believe that having your own garden at home can be less expensive because you don’t have to worry about getting the greatest bargains.”

The second year of the program prepares families to care for their garden alone. Being able to rely on his backyard has been a tremendous relief for Audberto.

“Absolutely, we have no expenses,” Alvarado declared.

This year, Siembra Salud has assisted in establishing 32 gardens and hopes to build more.

“We assisted the families in growing over 30,000 pounds of produce last year,” stated Servin-Maciel.

Now, Siembra Salud intends to increase this number and recruit additional volunteers.


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