Latest on former president Donald Trump social network Truth Social: Denied Trademark, to experience financial difficulties

The trademark registration for former President Donald Trump’s social media site, “Truth Social,” has been denied. In addition to this problem, there are rumors that the platform’s finances may be in jeopardy.

Fox News stated that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office denied the social media platform’s trademark application, and that there have been allegations that Truth Social has not paid RightForge, the internet infrastructure business that established the platform’s web-serving infrastructure.

This has inevitably led to rumors regarding Truth Social’s finances.

However, the trademark refusal is also a setback for Truth Social.

Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney, uncovered the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s denial by tweeting a screenshot of the petition.

“The USPTO has refused Donald Trump’s trademark application for “TRUTH SOCIAL.” The basis of the refusal is the existence of multiple pre-existing “TRUTH” trademarks. Trump will have 6 months to file a response and argue against the refusal,” Gerben tweeted on Thursday.

According to the filing, the patent office claimed that the name of Trump’s social media network was “confusingly similar” to the registered trademarks “Vero-True Social” and “The Truth Network,” Insider reported. “Vero-True Social” is another social media platform, and “The Truth Network” is a Christian radio network.

“In the present case, applicant’s mark, TRUTHSOCIAL, begins with the same dominant feature, TRUTH, as registrant’s mark, THE TRUTH NETWORK,” the filing read.

“Moreover, both marks also contain the wording SOCIAL meaning they look and sound similar generally outside of a small variation of TRUTH,” it added.

The USPTO concluded, “Because the marks are similar and the products and services are linked, there is a possibility of confusion as to the source of the applicant’s goods and services, and registration is denied according to Section 2(d) of the Trademark Act.”

Gerben remarked that the issues that led to the rejection are normally the reason why a highly specialized and unique name must be selected for a business like this.

“Ideally, you would pick a name where this wasn’t going to happen,” Gerben said, Axios reported.

Trump has until February 2023 to reply to this refusal, though. According to Axios, although this is a big setback for the social media giant, it is not necessarily the end of the road.

“This doesn’t spell the end for the trademark. Trump can appeal, which trademark lawyers believe is likely. Initial refusals aren’t uncommon and there are a couple moves the company can make to clear this hurdle,” Axios reported.

In addition to this trademark dispute, Fox News stated that “Truth Social… is embroiled in a nasty dispute with one of its vendors, who alleges that the platform has failed to make more than $1 million in contractually required payments.”

RightForge, an internet infrastructure provider, agreed to host Truth Social in October of last year.

Three sources with firsthand knowledge of the situation told Fox News that RightForge is now alleging that Truth Social breached its agreement to make monthly payments for establishing the social media platform’s web-serving infrastructure.

Fox’s sources indicate that Truth Social has only made three payments to RightForge and has not made any payments since March.

Now, RighForge asserts that Truth Social owes around $1.6 million and purportedly threatens legal action.

Fox said that while RightForge CEO Martin Avila declined to comment on “private matters,” he did not deny that his firm had a dispute with Truth Social.

Avila appeared to continue generally support Truth Social’s activities in a statement.

“Our founding vision is to make a second internet to support American ideas online. RightForge believes in the mission of President Trump’s free speech platform and wish to continue supporting the president in his media endeavors,” the statement read, according to Fox News.

Between the trademark denial and the claimed payment troubles with RightForge, it appears that Trump’s “Truth Social” still faces substantial obstacles as it advances in the social media sector.

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