Large number of people who have large number of friends on social networks suffer from “considerable anxiety”, scientists claim

The more friends you have on the social network Facebook, the more likely you are to be stressed, warns a University study Napier in Edinburgh, Scotland.

According to scientists there, a large number of users suffer from considerable anxiety. Every tenth of the survey shows that the site annoys them. Three in ten admit to feeling guilty about turning down friend requests, while around 12 percent don’t want to receive them.

According to Dr. Katie Charles, who led the study, people with the most contacts who spend a significant amount of their time searching dozens of pages for information on Facebook feel the most effort. “It’s like being in a little news channel dedicated to you alone.”

The more numerous your friends are, the more you think the audience is watching you, explains Dr. Charles. However, people do not want to withdraw from Facebook because they are convinced that they will be deprived of some key benefits of virtual communication.

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