Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office arrested 24-year-old Lincoln man for setting abandoned house on fire in Raymond last month

LINCOLN, Nebraska – Last month, the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office made an arrest of a guy who they say was responsible for intentionally setting fire to an abandoned residence in Raymond.

In a home that had been abandoned, a fire broke out on August 17, according to Sheriff Terry Wagner, and deputies were dispatched to the area near NW 40th Street and Raymond Road. The home, according to the deputy, has been unoccupied and uncared for for some time now.

Sheriff Wagner stated that the event was investigated by the State Fire Marshal’s Office, which concluded that the fire was intentionally set.

On Tuesday evening, deputies were dispatched once more to the area of NW 40th and W Raymond Road in response to a dispute involving two individuals.

A witness reportedly contacted law enforcement after seeing a man standing outside of the destroyed residence.

The witness reportedly told Sheriff Wagner that the man matched the description of the suspect from the night of the fire, and that the man’s car also matched the description of the suspect vehicle. This information was provided by the witness. According to Sheriff Wagner, the witness and the man got into an argument.

Sheriff Wagner further mentioned that the male, who is 24 years old and is from Lincoln, was questioned and issued a citation for arson in the second degree. The man was reportedly taken into custody on that charge, as stated by Sheriff Wagner.

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