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Kindergarten worker charged with taping 2-year-old girl’s mouth

A Massachusetts daycare worker has been arrested and charged after a mother alleges a woman taped her 2-year-old’s mouth.

Amy Lee, an employee at Here We Grow Daycare in Randolph, allegedly sealed the girl’s mouth with duct tape last Thursday, according to Boston 25 News.

The girl’s mother, Nyasia Holmes, told the news agency that Lee, 26, admitted to tapeting her daughter’s mouth when she picked her up from kindergarten.

“She was just trying to cover her tracks because there was a person who witnessed what happened to my daughter,” Holmes said.

Holmes said a colleague witnessed the incident and reported it to the kindergarten director.

However, Holmes does not believe that Lee gave her an accurate description of what really happened at the kindergarten her daughter attended for over a year.

In a Facebook post, Holmes said a witness told her that Lee taped her daughter’s mouth and forced her to sit in a “thinking chair” after she had a tantrum so she wouldn’t wake the other kids who were sleeping at the time.

“Why did you decide that a two-year-old girl can be put in a chair for reflection and prevent her from breathing and talking?” she asked. “I’m angry that she subjected my child to such torture.”

Kindergarten worker charged with taping 2-year-old girl’s mouth
An angry mother said a worker sealed her daughter’s mouth at Here We Grow Daycare in Randolph, Massachusetts.
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Holmes immediately filed a complaint with the Randolph Police Department and the Department of Children and Families.

The next day, she met with Li and the director of the kindergarten.

Holmes said she wanted to know why she had to report the incident to the police and not to the daycare.

The enraged mother said she did not believe that “it was a one-time incident.”

“This is not good. You can’t get away with it. I will get justice for my child,” she told Boston 25 News.

Lee is accused of recklessly endangering a child, assault and battery. According to the publication, she was issued a summons to appear in Quincy District Court at a later date.

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