Keaney Breaks Barriers as a Female Referee

LINCOLN, Nebraska (Nebraska) — After the NSAA Boys’ Basketball Semifinals, a young fan waited for an autograph — from the referee. Turns out the two had the same name, Jordin. They even spelled it the same.

“Tears welled up in my eyes,” said Jordyn Keaney.

Less than 24 hours later, Keaney refereed the C2 state championship game between Amherst and Freeman. It was a historic event as Keaney became the first woman to officiate in the NSAA Boys State Finals.

“It’s taboo for a girl to referee a boys’ tournament,” Keaney said. “To be chosen is a great honor for me.”

Keaney was informed of her appointment a week before the state finals. She received an email notification. Keaney admits she was nervous before the 4:30 pm game at Pinnacle Bank Arena. However, she remained level-headed and focused on declaring fair play, which Keaney described as physical competition.

“We (women officials) are not that many,” Keaney said. “Those who work are more than capable of appreciating any game, be it boys or girls. We are officials. And we’re fine.”

Keaney worked alongside Kevin Mar on a C2 class championship game. Mar said Keaney has a very bright future as an official. He notes that Kini worked very hard, improving her skills. In addition to high school basketball, Keaney has competed in women’s college basketball games for the past two seasons.

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