Kavanaugh to give up unicameral pirate in Nebraska

LINCOLN, Nebraska (Nebraska) — State Senator Machaela Cavanaugh takes a break from her filibuster.

The Omaha legislator informed the Legislature Thursday that she had reached an agreement with State Senator John Arch of La Vista, who is also the Speaker of the Legislature.

“This will be the only time I’m performing today and when I’m done I’ll be pulling with a brace. While I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to filibuster my brother’s bill later today, I want to be true to the agreement I made with Senator Arch, and indeed the agreement I made with this body, and so I’m going to take a break and let you all say, if you like, or we’ll go through three bills on the agenda and we’ll have an early lunch break. So I appreciate everyone who sat down at the table and worked on these issues, and I appreciate that next week we will have a debate.”

Nebraska State Senator Machala Kavanaugh of Omaha

Over the past few weeks, Kavanaugh has been filibustering LB574, a bill introduced by state senator Kathleen Caut of Omaha that would ban gender reassignment care for transgender youth.

A spokesperson for her office confirmed to 6 News on Thursday that while Kavanaugh pushed for LB574’s total exclusion, she agreed to stop her piracy if Arch scheduled the bill to be discussed.

On Thursday, Arch said debate on the bill is scheduled for the earliest date possible: Tuesday morning. Calling it the second best option, Kavanaugh’s spokesman said they expect the bill to close by mid-morning next Thursday.

She won’t continue filibustering if the bill dies.

“Sep. Kavanaugh and I agreed, given a number of other very important issues that need to be resolved in the remainder of this session, that Senator Kouth’s Priority Bill LB574 should be scheduled for discussion shortly so that we can have that discussion and then move on to other important pieces of legislation. acts. We both agreed that it would be better to stop discussing the issue of other bills and discuss the bill itself. So the debate on LB574 will start next Tuesday morning after our four-day weekend.”

Nebraska Legislative Assembly Speaker John Arch is debating the 108th legislative session at the moment. (Nebraska)

Kavanaugh promised to filibuster every score before the end of the session, which means that she can pull for eight hours in a row. Thursday’s session would show that she is pirating a bill put forward by her brother, State Senator John Kavanaugh of Omaha.

News of Thursday’s deal came a day after the scandal over Kavanaugh’s characterization of the transfer of LB574 as akin to genocide, prompting State Senator Julie Slum of Sterling to propose a conviction for Kavanaugh, although the issue was not discussed again.

Earlier this week, Arch told senators to be ready for late nights starting at the end of the month as there are a number of bills that still haven’t been before the committee. The night schedule is expected to be released on Thursday.

The committee hearings will end the week after Friday.

This is an evolving story. Stay with 6 News for details.

Associate Director of News Cassie Crow and Chief Digital Officer Gina Dvorak contributed to this report.

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