Katy Perry’s skinny pants burst during a performance, and she managed to make the audience laugh

Singer Katy Perry is a member of the jury of this year’s show “American Idol”, and in the last episode of the talent show, her leather pants burst in front of everyone, right on her buttocks. But the witty Katie immediately found a solution to this situation.

It all happened while 37-year-old Perry sang her big hit “Teenage Dream”. The contestants persuaded her to improvise with them, she knelt down and sang the chorus, and then the sound of her tight red pants popping was heard, but the singer immediately managed to cope.

– Can I get a tape? Asked the witty Perry.

She covered the hole in her pants with her hand and headed for the filming assistants. The other two members of the jury, singers Lionel Ritchie, 72, and Luke Bryan, 45, could not stop laughing. However, Brian eventually helped close the gap.

This is not the first time Katie has been in this situation. Four years ago, her pants burst while she was filming a show on the same show.

– Today I have good and bad news. “I will not be able to perform live,” Kate wrote on Twitter at the time, revealing that her pants had been torn.

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