Just weeks after the initial plans, Bennington Public Schools decided to build new high school on a different location

BENNINGTON, Nebraska – In the beginning of this month, Bennington Public Schools believed they had a place for a second high school in the rapidly expanding district. However, within days, public outrage about that location adjacent to a closed landfill led to a change in plans for the new high school.

At a special meeting on Monday, the board of directors made a unanimous decision to purchase a 76-acre location that is located at the northeast corner of 180th Street and Military Road. This is fortunate news for the district, as it appears that an alternative site is more acceptable to the general public.

“This is a big decision for our community, and we’ve understood that,” board president Mark Byars said. “And I don’t just mean just we school board and we the administration, we the community have understood that this is a big decision.”

After then, you’ll need money to construct anything on that area. Another resolution passed with a unanimous vote, this time for a bond issue of $153 million to be put before voters in November. The resolution calls for the matter to be presented before voters.

”We have a lot of work to do right now,” superintendent Dr. Terry Haack said. “We have to continue to educate the community on what the bond issue is, and we look forward to doing that, we want to get the public engaged.”

This decision was made after public hearings, surveys, and phone calls were held to examine the challenges that are being faced by the expanding portion of Douglas County. The majority of individuals who spoke during the time allotted for public remarks were in favor of the decision, even though many of them still have questions. After vocal opposition to the earlier school site acquisition, the most recent one was successfully completed thanks to public engagement. This was in contrast to the people’s opposition to the earlier purchase. In addition to this, it is possible that it has prepared the way for the largest school bond in the history of Bennington.

Bennington second site map


The school system has been very clear throughout the course of the last few months that there is an undeniable requirement for a second high school.

“The current enrollment of the 5th through 8th-grade students exceeds the capacity at the high school when they reach their high school years,” board member Allyson Slobotsky said. “More specifically, if we have zero growth in enrollment, not one more student in those grades, we will be exceeding capacity, and not just by a couple of students.”

The superintendent of schools has stated that due to the increasing student population in the district, not only is it imperative that Bennington open high school number two as quickly as possible, but also that plans for a third high school cannot be too far in the future.

“When we look at demographers, when we look at our own history, we talk to developers, city planners, what we suspect, what we’ve been told, is that we’re looking at a 12,000-14,000 student district. Right now, we’re a little over 4,000.”

The intended use of the bond monies includes the construction of a brand new high school. The plan that was approved in the resolution on Monday will allow for the addition of new classrooms and other facilities to already existing schools, as well as the expansion of the football stadium at Bennington High School, as well as the completion of necessary upgrades and infrastructure projects. In order for the district to move forward with presenting the bond issue to voters in November, it is now necessary for the district to file the right paperwork by September 1.

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