Judgment Hour: Mankind is closer to an apocalypse than ever before

Judgment Day clock, the metaphorical representation of how close the world is to destruction, remained the same: 100 seconds to midnight, reports The Independent.

This was announced by scientific video blogger Hank Green, as well as Dr. Rachel Bronson, President and CEO of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which manages the clock.

Other members of the group’s board were present, representing bio-defense, cyber security, physics and more, and the announcement was made through Zoom.

“Stable is not good news,” warns Professor Sharon Squasoni of the Institute for International Science and Technology Policy. “We are stuck in a dangerous moment that brings neither stability nor security.”

Members of the group said last year’s US election “gave hope that what seemed like a global catastrophic race could be stopped” and that a “more moderate and predictable approach to leading and controlling one of the world’s two largest nuclear arsenals was welcomed”. change from the previous four years. ”

Dr. Scott D. Sagan cited some useful statements made by world leaders to avoid a nuclear war – including that US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin have said that nuclear war should never be fought.

However, he noted that many countries are developing military weapons in the Middle East, and signs of a nuclear arms race are clearly visible in China. Both China and Russia seem to be testing anti-satellite weapons, which experts warn should never be used because of the threat posed by a cloud of waste from war – which could leave humanity trapped on Earth forever.

In a statement, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists also noted that the response to the pandemic world was “completely inadequate” as poorer countries were left unvaccinated and global vaccination plans failed. To date, it has been confirmed that five million people have died from covid-19.

Related to the issue is the “corruption of the information ecosystem”, which last year “infected America” ​​with disinformation, which experts say is a threat to American democracy.

While last year’s KOP26 meeting in Glasgow “marked an important milestone in climate multilateralism”, experts said there was only “partial progress” in eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and that financial and technological support agreements were not being respected.

“In general, the projections and plans of fossil fuel countries are far from adequate to achieve the global goals of Paris,” they said.

Practically, experts suggest that Russia and the United States should adhere to nuclear weapons restrictions, accelerate decarbonisation along with China, reduce biological risks of any kind through improved production of medical supplies, and help richer countries around the world. poorer countries in the fight against climate change.

“When the clock is 100 seconds to midnight, we are all in danger. “The moment is both dangerous and unsustainable, and now is the time to act.”

The clock was first established in 1947 to symbolize how close we are to “midnight” – an apocalypse that could threaten all life on Earth. The Atomic Scientists Bulletin was founded by members of the Manhattan Project, who built the world’s first atomic bombs and “could not distance themselves from the consequences of their work.”

Although it was created in response to the prospect of nuclear war, it is now responsible for every challenge facing humanity.

Arrows can move back and forth depending on human development; in 1991, at the end of the Cold War, it was set at 17 minutes, where it remained until 1995. Since 1947, the clock has been moved eight times backwards and 16 times forwards.

The last update came in early 2021, when scientists kept the clock at 100 seconds until midnight, which was set in 2020.

They cited the growing threat of nuclear war, as well as the challenges of Covid-19, climate change, Internet disinformation and artificial intelligence.

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