Johnson & Johnson expects up to $3.5 billion in vaccine sales this year

Due to delivery delays and uneven demand, the company’s revenue from vaccine vaccines last year was $ 2.39 billion, up from a planned $ 2.5 billion.

The company’s total revenue rose 13.6 percent last year to $ 93.8 billion. Excluding the purchase and sale of property, it increased by 12.8 percent.

Revenue from sales of the anti-cancer drug Imbruvica, created in collaboration with Abvier, rose 5.8 percent to $ 4.36 billion. Stellara’s cure for Crohn’s disease brought them $ 9.13 billion, 18.5 percent more than in 2020.

Net profit rose 42 percent in 2021 to $ 20.9 billion.

The share of vaccines in total revenue is expected to be small as Johnson & Johnson sells them at a price that does not guarantee big money.

Competitor Pfizer estimates that the vaccine brought in $ 37 billion in revenue last year, but that of Moderna is estimated at tens of billions of dollars.

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