Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket failed a minute after launch on Monday

On Monday, an unmanned Blue Origin rocket owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos failed to reach orbit just over a minute after liftoff. Monday’s launch of a New Shepard rocket from Blue Origin’s facility in West Texas carried a scientific payload intended for delivery to the rim of the solar system.

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The New Shepard spacecraft caught fire around 29,000 feet above the earth as it was being aired live during the launch. After detaching from the booster rocket, the capsule that had been floating above it returned to land by parachute. According to a tweet published by Blue Origin, the flight had a “booster failure,” which triggered the activation of the escape system. According to the spaceflight business, the capsule “successfully detached” from the rocket during the launch.

Since Bezos’ spaceflight company began offering its services to the general public for commercial purposes in 2021, this is the first significant problem that has occurred with the company.

The Federal Aviation Administration, often known as the FAA, has launched an investigation into the occurrence, which it described as a “accident” in a statement that was distributed to Insider. “The capsule landed safely, and the booster impacted the designated hazard area,” the FAA said, adding that there were no reports of injuries or damage to public property as a result of the incident.

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According to the Federal Aviation Administration, “Before New Shepard may return to flight, the FAA will assess whether any system, process, or technique related to the accident affects public safety. This is routine practice for all accident investigations.”

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