Japanese scientists are working on a vaccine against covidium that will guarantee lifelong effectiveness

Tokyo, January 1, 2022 (MIA) – The world is in its third year in the fight against coronavirus, but the good news comes from Tokyo, Japan. Namely, the scientists there are rapidly working on a revolutionary vaccine that will guarantee lifelong effectiveness, the Japan Times portal reported, and reports Jutarnji list.

Existing vaccines due to the decline in antibody levels require the injection of boosters – the so-called. booster doses – and the new vaccine should bring a major turnaround to humanity – in addition to the health benefits, it can also lead to significant financial savings – globally.

Michinori Kohara, an honorary professor at the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Sciences, began thinking in early 2020 about a vaccine that, like that for measles, would help eradicate the dangerous coronavirus. Kohara has been working for three decades on the vaccinia virus, which was used in the measles vaccine and was developed in 1796 by the British physician Edward Jenner. His vaccine successfully eradicated infectious disease, and the last known case was a patient from Somalia in 1977.

In April 2020, Kohara, in collaboration with the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, began developing the recombinant virus vaccine, which contains the spiky protein of the SARS-KOV-2 virus, the causative agent of Covid-19. His team chose a non-pathogenic type of vaccine called DIs, which acts as an extremely effective and safe virus vector.

The revolutionary Kohara vaccine can produce potent neutralizing antibodies within a week of immunization and offer long-term protection. And if two injections of the vaccine are given three weeks apart, the neutralizing antibodies increase tenfold. The vaccine is also likely to be effective against omicron. Another advantage is its ability to be stored for a long time at room temperature.

“This vaccine can trigger antibodies and create lifelong immunity. “One injection retains its effectiveness for more than 20 months, and there is no other vaccine that can achieve such effects,” said Michinori Kohara.

Japanese drugmaker Nobelpharma Co. plans to conduct the first and second phases of clinical trials of the Coharin vaccine by early 2023. The study will involve 150 to 200 volunteers, including those who have contracted the virus and those who have been fully vaccinated. If efficacy and safety are confirmed, the final phase of the clinical trial should begin immediately thereafter, and commercialization of the vaccine is scheduled for 2024 at the earliest.

Kohara also claims that his vaccine causes far fewer side effects. It also supports the fact that the measles vaccine has been used for more than two centuries and has been safe.

Prior to the eradication of measles in 1980, the vaccine was used until 1976 and was administered to almost all people born before 1976.

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