JAG Nebraska is a four-credit class elective in middle schools and high schools across the state of Nebraska

OMAHA, Nebraska – JAG Nebraska students elected as leaders in a student-led Nebraska state chapter practiced their career leadership skills through event planning and team building exercises.

According to Shauna Paolini, the state director for Jobs for America’s Graduates Nebraska, skills are typically necessary in the workplace.

“JAG Nebraska is a four-credit elective in middle and high schools throughout the state of Nebraska,” stated Paolini.

JAG has held this tournament annually since its 2019 inception. JAG is now offered in 12 school districts in Nebraska, exposing students to a variety of occupations and industry leaders in the business and transportation sectors.

JAG Nebraska focuses on career technical education pathways and encourages students to explore their options prior to enrolling.

Paolini also stated that this event teaches children about civic and social duty, which she believes should be emphasized more in school curricula.

“We always have hands-on activities, and we’re continually encouraging communication and teamwork by giving them opportunity to employ skills like as eye contact and handshakes.”

Paolini states that they are preparing pupils for life after graduation in any way possible. In addition, she states that JAG Nebraska students have a 98 percent graduation record and 86 percent are employed in part-time and full-time employment while attending college.

Juan Bahena, a student at South High School, joined JAG because he feels it helps pupils overcome their employment anxieties.

“They help you establish your reputation so that you may plan more for your future, including your jobs and who you want to be,” Bahena explained.

According to Paolini, it is never too early for pupils to expand their horizons and learn from career professionals.

Paolini stated, “Planting a seed early on to investigate alternative choices through student voice and choice.” “They are informing their teacher of their interests so that they might be guided to the finish line.”

Paolini hopes that more students will be interested in JAG, hence increasing the total number of registered students.

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