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Jacksonboro man pointed a rifle at the Colleton County Sheriff’s deputy before the deputy fatally shot him, new video shows

JACKSONBORO, South Carolina – According to a report that was compiled by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division’s investigative unit, a man from Jacksonboro was pointing a firearm at an officer from the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office just before the deputy fired and killed him.

Back on May 1st, Cpl. Jacob Scott and another deputy were dispatched to check on Jerry Crosby, age 55, as part of a routine welfare and health check. The incident took place at this time. According to the investigators, Crosby’s wife got text messages that made her anxious. She then dialed 911 because she believed her husband may have attempted to hurt himself.

When Scott arrived at the location, he found a table on a porch with a notebook, some white pills, and a cell phone on it.

According to the new report that was just released by SLED, after Scott made contact with Crosby, Crosby immediately grabbed a rifle and pointed it at Scott. At that point, Scott pulled the trigger on his rifle and shot at Crosby, wounding him multiple times.

Scott gave aid and also asked for emergency medical services to arrive. At a local hospital, it was determined that Crosby had passed away.

During the time that SLED was conducting their investigation, Scott was placed on paid administrative leave.

SLED came to the conclusion that there was not enough evidence to charge the deputy.

According to the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office, Scott will be going back to his regular duty schedule.

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