It’s expensive, but you won’t break it easily: iPhone 14 put to the test of durability

The latest iPhone 14 found its way into the hands of Zack, from the popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, who tested the phone’s durability.

The design of the iPhone 14 model is largely copied from last year’s iPhone 13 variant, but there are many improvements in the area of ​​hardware.

One of the main differences is that Apple has now made it easier to separate the back glass, and the repair costs have been reduced.

Typically, the durability test begins with the screen scratch test, which shows minor scratches at level six on the Moss scale, and deeper scratches at level seven.

The cameras on the back of the iPhone 14 model according to Apple’s marketing use sapphire crystal lenses, but the test shows that this is not true as scratch marks start to appear at the sixth level of the Moss scale.

The slightly longer burn-in test resulted in a few dead pixels, which do not recover, which was to be expected.

Finally, the hand pressure bend test showed that the iPhone 14 has a very solid build and no bending or cracking was observed on the outside or in the integrity of the case.

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