Italian design company announced the most futuristic luxury yacht concept so far, it can both fly and sail

An Italian design company has unveiled its latest luxury yacht, designed to fly and sail the world’s oceans. That extravagant yacht is called the Air Yacht and was featured in concept photos taken by Lazzarini Design Studio in Rome.

The body of the yacht is designed to be made of carbon fiber, and during the flight it can reach a speed of 112 km per hour thanks to four electric propellers and two side pontoons filled with helium and a total of 400,000 m2 of pressurized gas. Air Yacht will be able to stay in the air for 48 hours.

So an Air Yacht can fly, float and float on water. The price is not known yet, although the company designed the yacht for private owners, but it is probably a potential buyer with millions and billions of dollars in his pocket.

The yacht is 150 meters long and 80 meters wide, while the main central deck would be 79 meters long and 10 meters wide. The Air Yacht would have eight engines divided into four pairs, in which those engines rotate in the opposite direction and receive energy from ultralight batteries, which, in turn, are powered by solar panels placed on the upper surface of the flying yacht.

The Air Yacht is not an airliner for public transport or tourism, according to Lazzarini Design Studios, which posted a concept design gallery on its website as well as on its Instagram page.

There are halls and private suites around the helium pontoons, so the Air Yacht is equipped for long and multi-day trips. There are five passenger apartments on each side with an impressive view of the sky. There is also a wide windowless viewing platform on the side of each pontoon, which allows passengers to have an open view of the waves or stay in the fresh air at an altitude of 1,500 meters above land or sea.

The two pontoons are connected to the central deck by four carbon bridges, through which passengers can move. The central deck is designed as a common space for gathering passengers, relaxing and eating, and has a swimming pool, a lounge with rugs and a spacious living area.

The yacht can sail by reducing the pressure of the helium and the anchor system with ballasts. It can sail quietly at a speed of 10 km / h, say Lazzarini. At the top of the yacht there is a special section for landing helicopters.

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