Is BMW “merging” the 4 and 8 series into a new 6 series?

BMW reportedly plans to make changes when it comes to model supply, mainly due to market conditions or demand.

Demand for coupes and convertibles has declined in recent years, with buyers seemingly avoiding less practical cars and turning to SUVs and crossovers. That’s why the car companies made certain moves, and among them is Mercedes, which not only “extinguished” the S-Class coupe and convertible, but also the AMG GT Roadster and SLC. In addition, it is believed that the two-door versions of the C-Class and E-Class will be merged into one model under the CLE designation.

The German giant BMW could do something similar, according to rumors and car magazines that claim that the coupe and convertible of the 4 Series and coupe and convertible of the 8 Series will not welcome a new generation, but that the two families will “merge” in the new Series 6 from 2026.

The 6 Series is still here as BMW continues to sell the Gran Turismo in some markets as an alternative to the 5 Series Touring and it is probably only a matter of time before the GT retires. In four years, the 6 Series offer could look completely different.

While the 4 Gran Coupe is not mentioned, the bigger brother The 8 Series Gran Coupe will become part of the 7 Series family, likely as a more elegant alternative to the traditional sedan.

The revitalization of the 6 Series makes sense given that this name has important historical significance for the Bavarian brand. It will probably be based on the new Neue Klasse platform, which means it will be focused on electrification.

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